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 As per the purpose of your trip, please choose the relevant visa category form the options on the left. 

The Indian Embassy issues Indian Tourist Visa, Business Visa, Conference visa, Long term visa etc. to a foreign citizen as per their purpose of visit and type of passport. 

Important Notice : 

  1. Letter from employer - For all applicants employed with armed forces, airlines or charities will need to send a letter from employer confirming that they are travelling to India for tourism purposes only and will not undertake any professional activities.
  2. Additional requirement for Children - For children (under 16), a copy of full birth certificate (on which mother's and father's name is mentioned) is required along with a consent letter signed by both parents and passport copies of both parents. Please contact us for further details. 
  3. Urgent Business Visas - We can arrange Indian business visa in one day. Please call us on 0208 843 1247 for further details.

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